Holidays and special events are terrific opportunities to expand products in your Swag Shop. Once you start thinking about it, there will be dozens of ideas!

For example:

  • Create a special Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day store. Add any artwork and you could create an entire specialty shop around holidays. This is particularly effective if you’re donating proceeds to a charity.
  • Add merchandise to cheer on a sports team or local event. Imagine how many shirts, mugs, and masks you’d sell for a “Go Team” message. Just be sure not to violate trademarks by using a sports team’s logo in your artwork.
  • If you’re known for a local event (concert, festival, etc.), celebrate it with limited-edition merchandise in your Swag Shop.

Be creative and you’ll find lots of ways to add excitement to promoting and marketing merchandise through your store. It’s good for your brand… and your bottom line!