By now, you probably have a lot of ideas for generating more promotion and revenue with radio station merchandise shop online.

Here’s another way to increase sales of merchandise:

Donate a portion of the proceeds to a cause or local charity.

When each product sold benefits an organization, sales skyrocket. Here’s why:

  • Many will purchase the item just to help the cause.
  • The organization that benefits almost always promotes the merchandise, driving more visitors to your store. Sometimes they even ask other partners to promote it! You might even be able to produce extra items that feature their marketing partners’ logos on the products.
  • It’s easy to promote on and off the air. Sometimes it’s hard to find new creative ways to promote the store. This gives promotion new energy!

As with all products, create interesting designs. A coffee mug that says, “I love Big Brothers & Big Sisters,” is far more marketable than just a logo.

Let us know if you need ideas for products or creative designs. We’re here to help make your store the greatest possible success.