Now that your Swag Shop is up and running, you’re probably wondering when the money starts rolling in, right? Of course!

Like anything else, your Swag Shop requires promotion! Here are some tips we’ve found to help get more visitors to your online store and make more e-commerce sales.

Tip #1: Make It Easy to Find

Your Swag Shop looks great, but that doesn’t matter if nobody sees it.

  • Create a large display ad in the most high-profile space on your website. Make sure it’s “above the fold” on the main page.
  • Instead of a menu link that says “Shop Our Store,” (very few people will click on it), make it fun. How about, “Get WXXX Gear”, “Get Cool Stuff,” or “Grab Some Swag”?
  • To make it easier to promote on the air and in print, purchase a vanity URL (it’s about $10-12 per year) like and redirect it to your Swag Shop.

Tip #2: Show Off Your Products

Fans don’t want to “go shopping.” They want to get cool stuff! So show off those items.

  • Create display ads that show the products available. Make sure they rotate in high-profile ad blocks on your website.
  • Have radio personalities and/or models wearing and using the gear in photos and videos. Promote that, “Now you can wear WXXX gear just like [popular personalities].” Some stations describe it as “The Official WXXX Collection.”
  • Make sure your promotions team wears your products at promotions, appearances, and events.

Tip #3: Promote at Events

Promotions and appearances are a great place to promote your store.

  • Display merchandise at public appearances. Set up a display like you see at concerts and sporting events to show products listeners can purchase.
  • Create a printed catalog or brochure to show the items available in the store. Hand them out at promotions and appearances.

Tip #4: Giveaways

Most products are affordable prizes for contests and promotions, which creates a natural way to promote the store on-air.

  • Create new tune-in occasions with a special contest to win station gear at specific times.
  • Give away a t-shirt or coffee mug as a consolation prize for contestants in an on-air game that don’t win the main prize. Or, make it the main prize for winning!

Tip #5: Promote On-Air

The most effective method of promotion is on your radio station!

  • Short, focused promos featuring specific items in the store are highly effective. Long generic promos that promote, “Come see all the new merchandise in our online store”… not so much.
  • The single most effective method of promotion is an endorsement from air personalities. The more they talk up your products, the more successful your store will be!
  • Celebrate new additions to the store on the air! When introducing a new product, make it a big event with frequent promos. This brings new excitement (and visitors) to your radio station’s eCommerce store.

We’ll continue to pass along ideas and tips to help make the most of your Swag Shop. If you have a creative idea or promo, pass it on. We’d love to share it!