If you’ve been selling merchandise in your radio station’s e-commerce store for a while, it’s time to expand!

It’s easy to set up a product for any organization and sell it in your Swag Shop. Many would be happy just for the promotion, but you could also share some of the revenue with them if you want.

There are endless opportunities by working with advertisers and marketing partners.

Here are some examples:

  • Local sports teams. Work with schools to sell team-branded merchandise. What parent or fan wouldn’t want a hoodie that promotes their son or daughter’s team?
  • Advertisers. Some of your marketing partners would love to offer branded merchandise in their store or venue. This could be a great value-added service that generates revenue for restaurants, nightclubs, and coffee shops.
  • Organizations. Reach out to local churches, charities, and neighborhood organizations. You could create products for local programs, street fairs, or any other event.

Think about other ways to expand the potential of your Swag Shop. And let us know if we can help you brainstorm ideas!