Here’s another quick tip to help promote your radio station’s online store naturally and effectively: let your audience help!

Since it’s easy to create a new product with almost any design, make it fun with a User-Generated Content contest.

Ask your listeners to send their design ideas and award a prize for the winning design. Those creative types would love to be featured on official station swag. Here are some execution ideas:

  • Set up an online form to enter and upload designs. Let us know if you need help with this.
  • The prize doesn’t have to be huge. Make it $100 plus free swag featuring their winning design.
  • Create categories for the competition. For example, have a Kids Under 10 competition.
  • Be sure to provide correct graphic size requirements for their design.

When winners are announced, just send us the graphic and the new products will be in your store in a day or two.

Need help setting up a contest like this? We can help facilitate – just contact us to get the ball rolling.