One of the great things about your radio station’s online merchandise store is that there is no limit to the number of products you can create.

Putting your logo on products is a good place to start. But why stop there? Here are ways to expand your brand and generate more sales:

  • Have radio personalities create their own designs as part of an exclusive clothing collection. Maybe it includes the station or show logo… or maybe not!
  • Add a special product just for popular features or specialty shows. Have a special Reggae show? Create a branded product for it. How about dedicated Quiet Storm or Slow Jams merchandise?
  • Do you have a popular catchphrase or saying that’s a benchmark on a radio show? Put it on merchandise.
  • How about specially-designed merchandise featuring caricatures or photos of your most popular personalities or shows?

If you can imagine it and create the art, we can usually launch the new design in less than 24 hours!